Ahh Babies….

Babies are cool.  Our new associate photographer, Christy Jones, gets up close with baby Tyler and her brother Jackson for some serious sleeping baby portraits in a fall set.  Christy loves babies and we do too.  At  McCoy's Image Studio, we work hard to create the very best baby portraits.  

A portrait of a newborn should be a timeless record of a very special time.  Those little cuties deserve the very best.  What wonderful expressions, cute little fingers and toes, those little ears and perfectly formed mouth and eyes.  They will never be that small again and they grow so fast.  

When the day comes when your own child asks..."mom, what did I look like when I was a baby?"  will you have a beautifully created professional portrait to show them?

It is so very important to have something special....and we can provide that for you.  Give us a call.  Baby Portraits don't just happen.  The best are done with professionalism and creativity.

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