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Going through Dad's negatives, I came across this image of a street in Germany. White bed sheets were hung out the windows as a sign of surrender.  The shadows are long as the sun is setting on this city.  The townsfolk are war weary.  The battle has been long and arduous yet the Nazi war machine is just about wore out.  It's difficult for us American's to understand defeat.  We have seen battles lost but for the most part we have won the war.  My father's generation knew they were fighting evil and pressed on even at the tremendous loss of life and treasure.  Today we face an evil that is not as easily understood and perhaps some fail to recognize.  Will we be hanging out the white sheets or will we press on to stand against evil?  

Sometimes it seems that evil is everywhere.  Islamic terrorists beheading and torturing innocent people.  Evil souls killing folks in churches and in the streets.  The dark angel soars above our country fooling folks into believing evil lies.  Time will tell how we respond.

I believe in the exceptional spirit that is America.  The great good that we have done is quite evident to those that will look.  Find the good that is out there and spread it around.  Go be the good that is the real America.  

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