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Today marks the anniversary of the liberation of Paris.  The above photo was taken by my father from the front seat of his truck.  Jubilant French people are packing the street in a town somewhere in France.  The smiles are incredible.  They have seen the dark side of Nazi occupation.  Dad's photographs capture a time when America stood up to oppression.  When the American's arrived, the heavy boot of Nazi aggression was removed from their necks.  Alas, for many it was too late.   Thousands had already perished.  As Americans we must be proud of what our ancestors did.  Sure there were things in  America's past that were things that we should not be proud of, but as a whole, the thing that makes Amercia special is that thing where we stand up for the  oppressed.  And yes we do care; contrary to some peoples opinion.


To forget our past is to repeat it.  We are Americans, good, bad and indifferent.  We have forgotten the life of oppression.  The soul of our country was founded on freedom and yes it has been a messy ride through a muddy road of years past.  But consider what the world would look like if our America had never happened.  Freedom.  It's a word that means many things to many people.  I often come back to a statement made by one forefather who gave his life for freedom...Give me liberty or give me death!   

Live Free or Die.

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