Of Blood and Honor




The Journey Begins....

The photo above is of my father at Camp Cooke California probably sometime in 1943.  He was a medic in the 6th Armored Division under Patton.  He was awarded the Bronze Star among other medals.  I am undertaking a project to honor him and his compatriots who served with him in the  Medical Detachment 44th Armored Infantry Batallion.  It started a few years ago when I was contacted by another son of 6th AD medic.  He was writing a book on the Medics of the 6th.  We went through some of Dad's notes, letters, and photos that pertained to medical training and specifically their use of medical treatments while serving in the army.  His book should be coming our soon, perhaps this fall 2015.  I am going another route...filming a documentary.  I have a treasure trove of letters, notes, and tons of black and white negatives from the period.  They include the advance on Brest in the Brittany Peninsula, Across Paris, Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne, across the Rhine, and into Germany including the Buchenwald Camp.  It's a lot of stuff to handle, but I feel it's a worthy project.  So, I hope to continue to talk about it here on the blog and also a Facebook page I have created.  I love this history stuff, don't you?


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