Does your photographer really know what they are doing?

I see a lot of new photographers out there saying they are professionals....  Let the buyer beware!  The gushy, excited, photographer you have just hired because they are so "passionate" about their photography may know nothing more than how to turn on their camera and set it to automatic.  Yes, really.  There is a whole lot more to being a real professional compared to someone who just calls themselve that.  Sure, you may have a lot of fun out there working with this type A personality, but do the images really hold up when compared to a true pro who understands their art?   Do you know the difference yourself.

Just because someone owns a scalpel does not make them a brain surgeon.  A brain surgeon doesn't get there overnight but needs years of training and learning.  So too, does the true professional.  You simply cannot go out an buy a camera and immediately put yourself in the ranks of professionals because photography is your "passion".  There are basics that must be learned: good lighting, lighting ratios, proper camera setting, lens selection, what lenses look best for certain portraits, background selection, good exposure....and being able to consistently day in and day deliver the goods under all conditions.  Can your pro deliver?

Truth of the matter is: most photographers just starting out will be out of business in 3 years or less.  If they make to 5 years, they may have a chance.  First thing any consumer should look at is how long the photographer has been in business.  If you are just out for a good time...well, you will get what you pay for.  A lot of new photographers really promote themselves not their art....I am so passionate, lets go have fun,  so and so were just so fun to work with.....blah blah blah...and their photographs look like crap.   Sorry if I am being blunt here, but its the truth.  Family portraits, baby portraits, senior portraits, wedding portraits....all these are too important to be left in the hands of inexperienced hacks.   

Your High School Senior portrait is one of the most important images you will ever have in your lifetime.  Your wedding images also.  It is so worth it to invest in an experienced pro to produce these once in a lifetime images.  That experienced pro knows what goes into making a timeless image.  

I was in Green County yesterday to photograph a young student in our Young Achiever program with her 4H show calf.  I had photographed her mother as a senior.  The farm we were on was owned by a former Youth Salute Leader of the Year that we had photographed in the 90s….these families knew we could provide them with the images and the services that they desired.  We have been doing that for second and maybe a few third generation families.  Good studios have the background and reputation to provide these things.


Think about this for a while.  Experience means something.  Good photographs don’t just happen consistently.  Some folks shoot thousands of images just to get a few good ones.  Good pros, shoot a few images and most of them are good.


Do your homework.  You will be able to see the difference after a while.

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