I was up at our farm in Indiana over the 4th.  The Queen Anne's Lace is blooming everywhere and I had the 105mm macro lens out doing some closeups.  I came across this bud as it was beginning to unfold.  the individual branches of the bloom reminded me of the mechanical creatures chasing Neo and the ship on The Matrix.  Sometimes fantasy mimics nature, I guess.  FYI the Queen Anne's Lace is a member of the carrot family but I have never eaten one of their roots.

Nature photography has always been one of my great loves.  After all, I did get a degree in Environmental Science.  We used to go on field trips to the Red River Gorge to study the plant life and geology of the area.  I always packed a camera to photograph things so that I could have a record of images to study for later testing.  To this day, I can recall many plants and their latin classifications....Dr. Mary Wharton sort of drummed that into our heads.  In any event, I still love the natural world and being out there in it.

One of the things we learned to do was to take a line survey.  Basically we stretched a very long string through an environment and recorded every single plant the line crossed over.  You would get a list of plants as well as the frequency of occurance.  In this process  you could get a very accurate idea of how a certain local environment was functioning.  I remember doing a survey in Hart County Kentucky: Flora of  West Central Kentucky in an Old Field Progression Stage.  Filled with lots of "flowery" scientific jargon, the paper yielded an "A".

Next time you take a walk in the country, take time to closely look at all the different plants that surround you.  You may be surprised at the diversity....Naturally. 

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