The last few weeks I have been engaged in research for an upcoming book concerning medics in World War 2.  My dad was a medic in the 44th AIB of Patton's Sixth Armored Division.  A good many of dad's photographs are going to be used in this book and I have been scanning and restoring these images in preparation.  In this process, I have become rather nostalgic and thinking about a lot of my family history, the history of this country and the history of our studio.  In September, we will have been in business full time for 32 years....we purchased Guy's Photos in 1978.  We have seen a lot of things come an go over the years.  Photographed a ton of babies, families and high school seniors...may 2 tons....I quit counting after 1000 weddings and that was years ago.  In photography, you have to keep up with the times...yet, I have come across some photos in my searching that are simply timeless....look on our facebook page in the coming weeks and I will try to post some of these...many are already on there....if you LIKE us on facebook you will be able to see updates as we post them.  Hope everyone is having a great summer and if you want to cool down with some cool images....stop in and take a look.

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