Holiday Love and Family Time

 Well, I guess I am going to blink and the holidays will be here.  This time of year, it just seems to fly by and I never have time to really savor the fall and all the pretty colors and crisp fall air.  It reminds of how fast time flies when your children are growing up and the next thing you know they are gone from home and having their own families.  This last weekend I was on a fishing trip with some old college buddies and it really hit home how much time has gone by since those days and how hard it is to stay in touch and keep relationships alive.  I guess I am just having a bit of nostalgia or whatever you might call it but it just makes me even more aware of how quickly things go by.  

Photography plays such an important role in bringing back those memories.  I can look at the portraits hanging in my house and see my babies that are all grown up now...I want to go back and relive those great times we had but, you know, it's only memories now.  I wouldn't trade those portraits for any amount of money.  I guess I am just getting old or something but I can remember grabbin up those babies and just giving them a big ole that would be hard to do now...have to wait for grandchildren now.  Point just don't realize how important those pictures are until you have them for a long time and then they are priceless.

Well, I hope to see you sometime soon.  Drop in the studio and say hi and maybe we can remember some old times together....or maybe I'll be out on the lake trying for a bigger  Musky with my friends.

Harley & Chopper

 I love beagles.  We used to have a beagle named Cricket.  She was a happy dog and lived to be very old.  She would get very excited to smell rabbits that had been in the yard.  One day she was riding home with me from the studio and when we arrived at home, she saw a rabbit in the back yard.  When I opened the door of the truck, she was out like a rocket and nailed that rabbit before you could say Peter Cottontail...well, I rescued the rabbit but Cricket was happy.

This week I had the opportunity to portray a couple of beagles named Harley and Chopper.  Harley was getting kind of old and slow and her owner thought she needed a friend...enter Chopper.  Miraculously, Harley lost 11 lbs and the use of her arthritic leg after Chopper arrived.  What a story.  Harley puts up with the little upstart but down deep you know she loves the little rascal.  So here you are...portraits of Harley and Chopper. They won't appear on Orange County Choppers or get into arguments like Paul Sr and Jr Teutel but they have their love-hate relationship going.


Pet Peeves....

 Pet and animal portraits are one of our specialties.  We have been working with animals for many years.  At one time we were the only studio that allowed animals in the Etown area (and may still be for all I know).  It takes a special understanding to work with pets.  You kinda need to speak the language...I have been known to bark, mew, and make strange squirrel noises to name a few... Anyway, we are having a Pet Special here at the studio through October.  Basic session includes time here in the studio with your choice in 11x14 for only $89.  Of course, we can go on location, which is pretty cool and your animals may be more comfortable in their own environment.  This morning, Suzann and I had a great time portraying "Sandy" a golden retriever who owns Nora and Mike Sweat here in Etown.  She was great to work with and such a happy tail chaser.  

Dogs can be great to work with.  Cats have their own agenda and may or may not decide to participate...but you never know...haha.  But we also have worked with horses, cattle, pigs, hedgehogs, snakes, and all manner of creatures that go bump in the give us a call and come in for a personal consultation.  We will give it our best shot.

The Difference

 What's the difference, you might be asking yourself?  In today's economy it is only natural to be looking for ways to save, I do it myself...believe me.  There are a lot of people out there claiming to be photographers and even hanging a shingle out proclaiming themselves professionals but having a good digital camera and a computer does not make one a truly good professional.  Cheap prices usually translate into poor quality, a limited understanding of what goes into great photography, and poor service.  There is simply no alternative to experience and ability when it comes to great photography.  Too many so-called professionals these days simply turn their camera to "P" and voila...they are a professional..."P" does not stand for professional...hint-hint.

I do not intend to downplay others in this blog but simply want to lay it out there that there is a big difference in quality among photographers.  So here is what makes us at McCoy's truly different and unique.

Experience:  Over 30 years operating one of Central Kentucky's top rated studios.  We have served clients in many areas including portrait, wedding, and commercial.  Our work has won awards at the national level and been exhibited at venues including the International Photography Hall of Fame.  We also operated our own color lab for over 10 years.  We understand the mechanics behind good photography.  I have personally studied with some of the top photographers in the country. We have been published in many fine magazines.  The list goes on.  I can safely say that no one has the depth of experience we have.

Service:  We will bend over backwards to give you a great experience and the finest in photography.  Our guarantee says it all--"We guarantee that you will be thrilled...not just satisfied...with your photographs or you owe us nothing."  We will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Lasting Value:  When you consider that portraits are a lasting memory of a person, family, wedding, etc...something that you will hold dear for many years...doesn't it make sense that you should find the best portrait photographer that you can possibly afford?  The heartbreak of poor quality can linger a lifetime.  A child's sense of self worth can be bolstered or demolished by great or poor portraits.  A senior's portrait will be a defining moment that is nearly as important as the wedding photography.  Loved ones deserve the best and when you consider the years of enjoyment that comes from great photography...I believe our portraiture has extreme and lasting value.

Artistic Merit:  Creativity is something that is hard to measure.  You know it when you see take a look...I think our creativity is matchless.

Quality of Prints:  Our photographic prints come from a great lab in St. Louis.  Having printed ourselves for so many years we have a great understanding of the printing process.  If the print doesn't match our quality standards we have it redone until it does.  You receive only the best in image quality.

Friendly and Understanding: The Session--Your experience during one of our sessions is important to us.  We take care to make you comfortable and relaxed. We want you to have fun and we welcome your input.  We do our best to insure that you are not rushed and do our utmost to help you look your best.  If you are relaxed and having a good time...good portraits will result.   Everyone is a little different and we look at each person and family to understand where you are coming from.  We understand how to adjust for little things like weight issues, blemishes, unique situations...this is another time that our experience makes a huge difference in how you feel and look.

We Care:  Sometimes I think we could open a counseling service.....this is funny but we know things about many of our customers because we just care about them.  

More and More...etc.  There are a lot of things that make us different and truly unique and I hope you will see that difference.  I hope you follow this blog and as time goes on you will see that we are different and that difference has value to you.  Thanks and God Bless.

Ah Summertime

 Hey everybody....this is my first official blog on the new website.  We are in the middle of summer and things are always hot here in the studio.  Recently began our Young Achievers photography sessions and if you are not familiar with the is basically a Youth Salute for middle and junior high kids.  We have some outstanding young people in the lineup and we are excited about portraying them in an artistic and thoughtful manner.

Summer is also the time for senior portraits and wow are we getting some great stuff.  Some of the seniors are opting to go downtown for the "urban" look and we can do some really cool things to spice up the images....look at our facebook page and see what I mean. to go for today but I hope to be back often...stay tuned and see what develops...haha...that's an old photographers term for sure.