We are going to the dogs....

 Yes, that's right.  The studio is going to the dogs...and cats...and whatever...This month we want to do our share in raising funds for the American Cancer Society in their Relay for Life.  This issue is very personal to us as we are currently in the middle of a fight against cancer in our family.  The prognosis is very good and we are expecting a complete cure but the process is difficult to say the least.  Of course, we have helped out this cause in different ways over the years and it isn't new to us. Suzann's mother passed away from ovarian cancer some years ago.  Thanks to the research that has been done over the years, cancer is not the death sentence that it once was and we are thankful for that.  During these times we are growing closer in our faith in Jesus Christ, growing closer to our friends and to each other.

For your $35 donation to Relay for Life we will provide you with a session and a 5x7...this is good for pets, children, and families.  Give us a call and help us in the fight against cancer. 

Relay for Life....Fight Against Cancer

 I just wanted to let everyone know that for the next few weeks we will be raising money for the American Cancer Society and the Relay for Life.  For your donation of $35, we will give you a session and 5x7....Just give us a call to schedule your session.  This is a very personal issue for us right now as we are dealing with a cancer issue in our own family.  Luckily this cancer was caught early and is very treatable even curable...however, the emotional stress that accompanies surgery and chemotherapy is tough on everyone.  Please give us a call and help us in this fight against cancer.  Plus, it is a good time to get a family or child's portrait taken.  Spring is in the air, things are warming up, flowers blooming....such a wonderful time of year.  God gives us spring to remind us of the fact that when we travel through a winter period in our lives that He is there on the other side just waiting to restore life and breathe regeneration into His creation.

Show off your Spread!


Spring is here...at least it's getting a foothold on things.  The above round barn was built by Suzann's ancestors just outside of Greensburg, IN.  It is known as the Pleak Round Barn and is on the Historical Register.  This farm was a part of an original land grant from the 1830s.  Our place is just a few miles from the original settlement.  I am sure that many of you may have a place that you are equally proud of.  I love the land, and relish the oncoming spring with great longing.  I love to see the land green up, the wildflowers bloom, the smell of a passing thunderstorm, catching fish out of the farm pond...it all just makes me feel wonderful in some way.

Our new farm and ranch photography albums are designed in such a way that you can almost hear and smell your place as you turn the pages.  Well, there may be some smells that are not as wonderful as others....but anyway...I am just chomping at the bit to create some of these albums for our photography friends.  Give us a call, our consultation is free.  What does your dream album look like?

Farm & Ranch Photography


Wow! We are developing a new service for our national clientele that will knock your socks off...in a good way.  I am talking about our new Farm & Ranch photography albums.  This is an awesome new service that will encompass a wide range of photography styles culminating in an heirloom qualtity album.  In a nutshell, we will come to your farm or ranch and spend the day (or more depending on the coverage you select).  In that time we will photograph your family in both formal portraits and candid images taken while you carry out your daily chores, etc.  We will also create beautiful landscape images that will show off  your farm or ranch.  Got prize animals?...cattle, horses, livestock...we got you covered.  Details of all sorts of things from saddles and spurs, to barns and wildflowers.  Got the crops being planted, haying, corn crop coming in?....everything that defines your operation...we will capture in photojournalistic style.

After the photography is finished, we will design an heirloom quality album using artistic styling, printed and bound in Italian Leather.  These albums range in size from 9.5x13 all the way up to 16x20.  We also suggest using Kodak's metallic paper which yields a wonderfully intense color and nearly 3D effect on landscapes.

Our website will be changed in the near future to show a gallery of samples of our farm and ranch photography.  In the meantime, you can view samples on our facebook page.  Just do a search on facebook for McCoy's Image Studio, become a fan, and look at the farm and ranch photo album.  Dream about your spread and imagine what we can do for you.  Give us a call...we would love to talk about this new service.

World's Quickest Streetbike


Wow!...we were asked to photograph this magnificent piece of machinery for the American Motorcyclist Association magazine.  Bike is shown here with rider Taylor Wood.  This bike is bad.  Taylor holds the world's record in his category as a drag bike.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to photograph this bike and Taylor with his dad Andy.  If you are a biker, please check out the article in the upcoming issue.  When released we will post some more images on our facebook page so stay tuned.  I just never know what kind of job is going to plopped into my lap and we have had some really cool jobs over the years.  This one was very exciting...including the snow we had to deal with and the trailer getting stuck...but that's another story...

Want to see this bike up close and personal...I understand they will have it at the Carl Casper Custom Car Show this weekend in Louisville.

In with the New

 This year will certainly bring some changes not only to our studio but in our communities and our country.  I have been pondering some things that we want to bring to the studio to better define who we are, how we look, and how we will better serve our clients and our community at large.  My photographic style continues to evolve as it has over the many years we have been doing photography.  There has always been a need for the timeless quality of classic portraiture.  Images that are well posed and lit on an appropriate background will certainly stand the test of time.  Images that are hip and current are needed as well but in the framework of time, they will certainly be looked at differently as the decades pass.  I can do both, and our clients should know that we understand the times and are mindful of the need to create well done contemporary images.  With that said,  all types of images and image styles will benefit from a knowledge of lighting, posing, etc that only comes from years of experience.

So what can you expect to see this year?  We are currently  photographing the 2010 Youth Leadership Salute. Undoubtedly, there will be some outstanding students involved in this program.  We want every student that qualifies to be recognized.  As always, no student is required to purchase anything to be included in the Youth Salute Program.  All sales of the display go to support the program.  The Lincoln Trail Youth Salute, Inc. is incorporated in Kentucky as a Non-Profit corporation.  As a part of the Youth Salute, we will also be expanding our Young Achievers program this year.  Our current Young Achievers recognition display will appear later this month at the Towne Mall.  The Young Achievers are comprised of 5th and 8th graders and are nominated during their 4th and 7th grades.

In the works is a new recognition program for Adults.  Tentatively, I am calling this "The 20: People Who Make a Difference".  I am looking for nominations of adults to be included in this Photographic Recognition program.  These adults should be the pillars of our community.  They should be involved in programs that are making a difference, helping people, and making our community a better place to live.  Each person selected will be portrayed by me in the manner of my choosing that shows each person engaged in their respective activity.  This portrait will be created in a manner above and beyond the standard "headshot"...Creative will be the operative word here.  Next fall, a community display of these Fine Art Portraits will be arranged. The location has not been determined as of yet.  I hope to use a portion of the proceeds of this exhibit to benefit the Earthquake Victims of Haiti...so please stay tuned.

Yes, we still do Weddings...however, they are on a strictly limited basis.  You should see the albums we are now using that are printed and assembled in Italy.  They are absolutely AWESOME!  I firmly believe that our wedding photography is the best that it has ever been.  Very few wedding photographers can match the quality and creativity that we routinely produce.  Our brides are absolutely thrilled with with the images and service that they receive from us.  We care deeply about our brides and know them personally.  Many of them have been coming to our studio since they were babies.  

As the year progresses you may see us become involved in new and different areas of photography.  With our experience, we are able to provide professional service to a variety of clientele.  However, we will probably become more focused on the areas that we do best...and that is a good thing for everybody.

Join us on Facebook for the latest news.

For now, let me say that we greatly appreciate our clients. You are the ones that make this studio possible.  I want you to know that we care about you, not just for the business that we do but for you as a person.  In the course of conversation we find out many things about our friends and clients and we want you to know that we may say a little prayer for you at the end of the day or even celebrate with you when you you have something great happening.  We have done that many times over the years.

And that's it for today.  God Bless you everyone.

Good Change and Bad Change

 2010 is upon us.  The Professional photography industry has undergone tremendous change in the last decade.  Some of it is good and a lot of it not so good.  Where we go in the next decade will be interesting to see.  Digital photography has literally changed the landscape of professional and amateur photography.  The ability to take images at will with no cost of film and processing opened up photography to the masses.  Photo-sharing on the internet and facebook has changed the way people view photography.  In many ways this has devalued the perception of photography's worth.  And at the same time, good professional portraits are just as valuable today as ever.  All the technology in the world simply cannot replace talent.  All the technology available to people today cannot replace experience.  It is very easy to just say...oh well, I can do this myself...or we can get so and so because they are really cheap and they have a decent camera.  That response could be one of the biggest mistakes anyone could make in getting good photography.  A camera is only as good as the person operating it.  That person must have talent, a creative vision, experience, the ability to consistently repeat good results...etc.  Those kind of people are rare in the world of professional photography today.  I have heard it said before: If you can't afford to do it right the first time, can you afford to do it over?  Good professional photographers have a track record.  This is more important than the latest camera or computer.  So, consider this when you are making photography decisions.

Talent and experience rank very high in importance but there is one more thing that enters into the mix that is equally important: Customer Service and Satisfaction.  The professionals that you choose to work with should care about you.  We have always made it a priority to be very aware of our clients needs...both professionally and personally.  By this, I mean that we care about our clients as  people and whatever is going on in their lives.  You won't get this kind of service everywhere you go.

If you have never experienced the level of professionalism we offer here at McCoy's, I invite you to give us a call, stop in and talk with us for awhile.  You will find that we can truly deliver the goods and you might gain some new friends in the process  at the same time.